Outlook humanitarian Care Initiative is an indigenous civil society organization with its headquarters in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. Our humanitarian assistance based on passion, care and love built on scriptural principles and teaching for the humanity, to support women on human rights, ensure gender equality and create condition to sustain the health and quality of the life of women and drug addicts. OHCI comprises economist, public health workers and lecturers in institutions of higher learning, all of whom are professionals in gender relations and drug abuse. In collaboration with the civil society organization and media houses, it is essential that our utmost goal will be achieved shortly.


OHCI operates on the basis of the principles of harm reduction and increase capacity of local partners in Africa through direct support for implementation of services, OHCI promotes an approach to drug users based on respect for human rights. All human beings have a right to access a good health care, legal assistance.



Harm Reduction and Program

In every culture all around the world, drugs are used for various reasons ... 

Network Buildng and Advocacy

OHCI collaborate with other networking NGO in the world in dissemination ... 

Outreach and Project

OHCI organized program in fields, in different locations of Nigeria especially ... 

Treatment Programs

OHCI recommend that there is no magic when it comes to treating drugs abuse.... 


In many countries, drug users are persecuted, the police arrest them because of their use of drugs and sometimes lock them up for years and people are forced to undergo rehabilitation under ugly circumstance which is not effective. Drug users are often abused and excluded from our society, even the families of the user often have little understanding of the possible consequences of social exclusion. This makes drug users an isolated, vulnerable group. Social isolation and dependence on drugs often reduce the human nature of the users and can lead to suicide attempt.


A radio broadcasting digital innovation platform for remote learning in rural area in Nigeria to deliver high quality education to students in impoverished  and remote communities around Nigeria through our flagship story telling literature. The OHCI interactive audio instruction now because. relatively speaking, very few people world wide have to a computer to be able to participate in distance learning. Radio on other has enomous penetration globally. Radio teaching is script and ensure that students learning through variety of avenue. While digital technologies can offer a wide set of capabilities for remote learning.most education system in low and middle income countries, including school children and teachers, lack access in high speed broad band or digital devices needed to fully deploy online learning options. As such, education system need to consider alternative ways to students to continue learning when they are not in school.

The purpose of interactive audio instructions is to support people with disabilities in hard to reach community or conflict affected region with a dramatic learning results. We do this by delivering a low cost. Culturally appropriate education via broadcast radio and mobile audio  technology.