Adolescence is a critical time to lay the foundation into adulthood, when young men and women have access to an education. They are more likely to earn income to that level, adolescent girl have the right to decide when to marry and settle down. They are more likely to live healthier.

In Nigeria, for instance, the number of young people between age 10 and 24 are more than 70 million, about 50 percent live in urban areas while the rest live in the villages. The truth is that there is high rate of young women and girls in many developing society. In northern Nigeria which is predominately Muslim society, girls are forced to marry shortly after puberty often to much older men.

Young women between age of 15 to 24 years in sub-sahara of Africa are been affected by HIV than boys. Girls spend less time in school than boys and pro to do domestic works at home such as caring for younger siblings, cooking and collecting fire wood used in cooking. For girls under 17 years account to report experience sexual abuse and the rate is much higher in developing society.


Outlook humanitarian Care Initiative have been examining lives of adolescent boys and girls and discover there is need to improve their well being and identifying ways to change traditional practices that prevent girls and young women from reaching there full potentials. We are believing that making adolescent boys and girls more equipped in one or more effective ways to empower women. Early marriage, school affect adolescent economic development.