OHCI recommend that there is no magic when it comes to treating drugs abuse and addiction. This complex disease requires a multifaceted approach to treatment for it to be effective.
  1. A thorough mental and physical assessment.
  2. Detoxification
  3. Individual or group therapy
  4. Participation in support groups
  5. A comprehensive after-care
OHCI recommend that best treatment is one that is tailored to your specific needs. You and counselors will need to determine the right types and length of treatment program is best for your situation.


OHCI believe in two types of treatment and it is up to drug user to decide whether to participate in a residential or Output–patient treatment program. If your drug abuse is very severe and your acute drug addiction your believe might be to enter a program that require intensive therapy if you have a strong support network of friends and family at home, an outpatient facility might be right for you.


Experts agree that the minimum length of any drug treatment program should be roughly one month, as it will take a few weeks just to get drugs out of your system. Once the physical detoxification is completed, behavioral therapy can begin depending on your individual situations. Depending on your individual situation and degree of your abuse or addiction, you may want to consider a program that runs for 60 or 90 days


OHCI recommend the following reputable after care treatment to drug users,
  1. Total absenting from drugs addiction.
  2. Make friends with people that are not drug users.
  3. Belong to religious group that practice principle of doctrine of the scripture.
  4. Learn to pray always
  5. Put your life together by looking at people who cares, love with passion.