Physical, sexual and psychological violence against women is a worldwide phenomena, it crosses every social and economic class, every religion, race and ethnicity from domestic abuse to rape as a weapon of war. Violence against women and girls is a gross violation of their human right. Note that it threaten women health and their social and economic well being. Violence against women thwart the effort of women to reduce poverty at all levels. It can be prevented nut not eliminated.

Income, education, health, laws and infrastructure can significantly reduce violence. All forms of violence against women and girls is unacceptable in this modern time. Communities have a role to play in defining solutions to violence and providing support to victims. Men must be oriented in the process as agent of change to achieve desired result against violence on women and girls. When women are safe, then the empowerment becomes visible.

OHCI employ experimentation approach to reduce violence against women and girls. We conduct a research to understand incidence of violence, cause associated with it and factors that lead to it. We are also building evidence based treatment, designed to prevent violence against women and girls. Economically empowering women, involving boys and men, protecting survivors of violence and rehabilitating men who are abusive. OHCI is examining the policy dimension of violence preventive by evaluating the impact and challengers to existing judiciary laws and to advocate for stronger effective means to prosecute offenders. OHCI strategies it networks on regional or global to strengthen civil society in preventing violence against women.