The Circle of Life Project Initiative and Helping Hand Project Initiative.

The Circle of Life Project Initiative is a project designed to improve the life of drug users in our community. It is a guide designed to help parents, teachers, judges, counselors and other concerned adults make better choices about the life of adolescent girls and women who use drugs and its implications. It also covers women and girls initiative programs to empower women to develop its economic potentialities despite jungle justice meted to them by men and boys in the society. The definition of the project centers on signs which may suggest drug abuse including sudden, dramatic changes in discipline, job performance and drug abusers may display unusual degree of activity as well as sudden irrational flare-up involving strong emotion or temper. Significant changes for the worse in personal appearance may be a course of concern.

OHCI embark on project to enhance on persons using drugs and the environment in which the drugs are being used especially in communities and region in Nigeria and Africa. OHCI organized campaign initiatives through door to door awareness. We support straight forward approach, we engaged in meaningful dialogue with drug users, with some scriptural teachings.

Why are drugs, alcoholism and sex so often combined? What are the effects and risks associated in using chemical substances on sexual practice? Why do sex workers often use drugs in our communities? We openly discuss the effects around sex and drugs, then the possibilities of contracting sexually transmitted diseases based on unprotected sex, and the way forward for those contracted HIV and AIDS.

OHCI through discussion, education and information sharing will learn about additional risks and preventive method treatment for recovery. OHCI embark on how to change the behavior of drug users in our communities, and changing behavior or habits is not easy. It takes time and energy, often it takes length process, changes happen in stages, with little results, we embark on motivational interview with drug users in which you stimulate the person, the behavioral changes comes from within, rather than imposing rules on him. OHCI approach the drug users from different point of view, to see the best option. The ultimate goal is to empower OHCI field workers to get wide experience to talk challengers in the field.


  1. Promoting effective and efficient investment program on women and girls through empowerment in eastern pattern of Nigeria.
  2. Campaign initiative on violence against women and girls.
  3. Initiative programs to protect women and children against malaria and HIV and AIDS
  4. Promote economic program on gender equity on women and get to participate equally in National building and planning.